It takes four months from covacin formation to vaccination: India Biotech

It takes four months from covacin formation to vaccination: India Biotech

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Hyderabad, May 28: The Covid-19 vaccine takes four months to produce and supply. It all depends on technology and regulatory approval. India Biotech said this on Friday. “It takes about 120 days to make batches of cocaine, test them and drop them off at the destination,” the company said in a press release issued by Cocaine Making. It should also be scrutinized in compliance with the technology framework and regulatory guidelines.

“In this sense, the consignment produced in March this year will only be ready for delivery in June,” it said. This clarification from India Biotech came at a time when there is an acute shortage of the Covid-19 vaccine. This is hampering the nationwide vaccination campaign.

The agency said it took four months to vaccinate from covacin production. “Vaccine production, testing, delivery and distribution is a complex and diverse process that consists of hundreds of stages and requires a wide variety of human resources.”

India Biotech said increasing vaccine production is a step-by-step process. This includes most regulators and standard operating procedures for quality manufacturing practices.

The agency said consignments of the vaccine would be sent to the state and central governments on the basis of allocation arrangements received from the central government. About two days after the shipment of the vaccine arrives at the state and central government depots from the India Biotech factory, it takes a few more days to transport it from the states to the districts.

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