Kavid-19: Corona cases improve in Maharashtra, 26,438 new cases in last 24 hours

Kavid-19: Corona cases improve in Maharashtra, 26,438 new cases in last 24 hours

Coronavirus (Photo Credit: PTI)

Mumbai: Maharashtra received 26,347 new cases of coronavirus infection on Tuesday, 1,622 fewer than the new cases on Monday, and 67,679 people died in the state due to the infection. The Department of Health provided this information. The department said the total number of infections in the state rose to 544,33,60 and killed ৮ 83,77 people7. According to the department, 26,161 new cases of infection were found in Maharashtra on Monday and 516 people died.

As such, 422 of the 679 deaths in the last 48 hours have occurred and 257 people have died in the past week. It also includes some death statistics taken before last week. On Monday, the death toll from the corona virus infection in the state was 82486 which has now risen to 83,777. The state government has not yet commented on Kovid’s death toll. Read more: COVID-19: 48,000 new cases of coronavirus infection die in Maharashtra, 524 patients die.

According to the Department of Health, 52,898 infected cases were cleared in the state on Tuesday, after which the number of infected people in the state rose to 49,27,480, bringing the number of medical cases under treatment in the state to 4,19,727.

In Maharashtra, the infection-free rate is now 90.9 per cent, the death rate is 1.54 per cent and the infection rate is 1.2 per cent. The death toll rose to 14,316 with 44 people killed.

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