Kavid-19 Home Testing Kit: Watch the video on Coroner Home Test Kit ‘Kaviself’ and how to use it.

Kavid-19 Home Testing Kit: Watch the video on Coroner Home Test Kit 'Kaviself' and how to use it.

Corona’s home test kit ‘CoveSelf’ (Photo credit: Twitter)

How to use the self-test COVID kit CoVSelf: The person does not have to go to the lab repeatedly to check for corona infection, because now he can test for corona himself at home. In fact, the Indian Council of Medical Research-ICMR has approved the โ€˜Covyselfโ€™ kit for internal covid testing.

According to the ICMR, after this kit, people can now spend only Rs 25 and test the covid at home. However, the ICMR has also issued an advisory for the investigation, advising it not to conduct a proper investigation.

That could test itself

The council said rapid home antigen tests are recommended only at home for people with symptoms of corona and people in close contact with a confirmed infection. It will take some time to come to the market though DCGIO has approved the sale of this kit in the market.

Terms of use

For testing, the user needs to download the My Lab app on his mobile phone. This application will tell about the screening process and provide its positive or negative report to the patient. The ICMR said that only nasal swabs would be needed for rapid antigen testing. All users are asked to take a picture of the app strap from the same mobile phone after the investigation process is completed, which is used to download and register the app. Wait 15 minutes for the results of the kit. The test kit will have two parts, one of which will be the control section and one will be the test section. If the bars only appear in the control section ‘C’, the result is negative, but if the bars appear in both the control section and the test section (T), it means that the test is positive.

The ICMR said they would not need to be re-tested if they tested positive, but would have to undergo an RTPCR test with negative corona symptoms. In addition to the test kit, a manual is also available to get all the information.


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