Kim Jong-un, exceeding all bounds of cruelty, shot the man in front of his wife and children.

Kim Jong-un, exceeding all limits of cruelty, shot the man in front of his wife and children.

Kim Jong-un (Photo credit: Pictures at the gate)

In another horrific episode of brutality, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un killed a man accused of selling CDs of South Korean films in front of the man’s family. The man, who was an engineer at a state-owned agricultural company, died at the hands of the firing squad, this time forcing his wife, son and daughter to stand in line for the firing squad to see the entire woman. After seeing this whole incident, he fainted from shock and grief. State security officials then took him in a truck to a political prisoner’s camp. Family and neighbors were also forbidden to cry during this time. The man, whose last name was Lee, was accused of secretly selling CDs and USB sticks to South Korean films, music and videos. Also read: Who is Kim Yoo-jung? Dictator Kim Jong Un could take command of North Korea after them

Lee pleaded guilty before the execution took place and admitted to earning 5 5 to 12 12 from each sale, he told the Daily News. The execution and the bloodshed took place in late April 2021. This communist ordered about 500 people to watch the execution of the tyrant. He was convicted of anti-social elements after a trial under the “Anti-Response Thought Act”.

The rules in North Korea have changed since December 2020, tightening the rules. Now here is the crime of watching South Korean movies and TV shows. If convicted, he faces the death penalty or life imprisonment.


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