Kovacin Vaccine: WHO asks India Biotech to approve more information on emergency use

Kovacin Vaccine: WHO asks India to approve Biotech for more information on emergency use

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New York / Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that India needs to provide more information to Biotech on compiling a list of Kovacin vaccines for use on an emergency basis. A document published on the World Health Organization’s website states that on April 19, India expressed interest in biotech. More information is needed in this case. Cavid-19 vaccine: States to get 4.8 million doses of vaccine in next three days: Center

According to the document, a meeting on the subject is expected to be held in May-June 2021.

The agency said that if the products presented for evaluation meet the criteria of the list, the WHO will publish the results in a comprehensive manner. The duration of the emergency use indicator process depends on the data submitted by the vaccine manufacturer and the quality of the data that meets the WHO’s requirements.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech International Limited has informed the government that it has submitted 90 per cent documents to the WHO for compiling a list of cocaine vaccines for emergency use. The rest of the documents are expected to be submitted by June. Sources said this in New Delhi on Monday.


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