Mayawati said that if the BSP’s plan had continued, the situation in the villages would not have been so serious

Mayawati said that if the BSP's plan had continued, the situation in the villages would not have been so serious

BSP Supremo Mayawati (Photo Credit: ANI)

Lucknow, May 26: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati on Wednesday said that if the previous governments, like the BSP government, had focused on rural development, the situation in rural areas today would not have been so deadly. In her message on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, Mayawati said, “Under Gautam Buddha’s mass Hittite ideology, the BJP government has changed the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized people of the imperial society.” Under the Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabha Samagra Bikash Yojana, a massive effort was made to equip the villages with 16 basic amenities, which did not appeal to the opposition and in the following years the plan was completely ignored.

He said, “It is a bitter truth – obviously if this special and grand plan of rural Uttar Pradesh is continued by the previous governments, the mourning, aspiration and extreme epidemic in rural areas due to Corona will be present today.” The BSP president said, “It is necessary to work for the re-emergence of Uttar Pradesh and India, above the political and racist hatred of Gata Gautam Buddha. For this, all governments and societies have their motives. And honestly delete “”

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Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Gautam Buddha extends his heartfelt greetings to the followers of ‘Happy Purnima’ and wishes for better health and a better life in this catastrophic Corona outbreak. Survival is crucial.


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