Mock drill row at Pars Hospital: New twist in 22 deaths due to lack of oxygen, Agra DM says – no one died

Mock drill row at Pars Hospital: New twist in 22 deaths due to lack of oxygen, Agra DM says - no one died

Paras Hospital and Agra DM Prabhu N. Lion (Photo Credit ANI)

Lucknow: Fighting has erupted in Uttar Pradesh after 22 patients died due to lack of oxygen at Agra Pars Hospital. At the same time the police as well as the Agra DM Prabhu N. Singh received a seal at the hospital. After visiting the scene, the DMO of Agra admitted that there was talk of a mock drill. 22 patients died due to lack of oxygen. That is why the hospital is being sealed. However, this incident has now taken a new turn. The DM himself is denying a single death at the hospital.

Agra DM Lord N. Singh (Agra DM Prabhu N Singh) in a press conference gave a clean chit to the hospital that there was oxygen in the hospital on April 26 (when the video was shot Agra was a small town. 22 patients died at the hospital). No patient died. However, the hospital management also said in its defense that no patient died due to lack of oxygen. The hospital management is ready for every investigation. . Read more: Agra Pars Hospital seized: Administration takes action after 22 patients die due to lack of oxygen, Agra Pars Hospital sealed

However, after a video went viral on Tuesday, the hospital owner was heard to say it was a mock drill. In the video described, a doctor admitted that 22 people died by turning off oxygen for five minutes during a mock drill.

At the same time, after a case of death of 22 patients due to lack of oxygen in the hospital, the opposition is besieging the UP government and demanding strict action against the hospital. The former Congress president wrote on Twitter that there was a shortage of both oxygen and humanity during the BJP rule. Immediate action should be taken against all those responsible for this dangerous crime. My condolences to the families of the victims in this sad moment. (Including input agency)


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