bloodshot tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies moviesda.

bloodshot tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies moviesda.
bloodshot tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies moviesda.

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bloodshot movie story?

yeah we’re in a bloodshot shirt because they were giving him out at the screening and they were like hey you should wear it in a video and I was like well I can’t do that I can’t do it if the movie is good anyway I can only do it if it’s bad because if the movie is good I’m like hey.

bloodshot it was good trust me and wearing the bloodshot shirt they were giving out at the screening I mean credibility at that point I can’t fall for that rule of reciprocation so I was like I’ll wear in the video if the movie sucks [Music] so bloodshot is a Vin Diesel movie based up the comic book character which I just did a little light searching with my friend Google never read the comic books but I saw the character I was like I recognize the character but I just haven’t read any comic books he’s been it not that this movie really provoked me to want to but I’m sure they’re fun but this movie starts Vin Diesel if you have seen the trailer you’ve already seen too much of the movies I’ll try to break it down in a way that’s less than the trailer actually dead in.

bloodshot tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies moviesda.
bloodshot tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies moviesda.

diesel as a soldier he’s been killed in action and now this corporations brought him back to life he has nanobots for blood and you know he’s gonna want to go in his own quest but there will be strings attached because they literally own his body now they can push a button like put him right to sleep you know so there’s gonna be a struggle and this movie yes it does feel like an early 2000s cheesy action movie I’m sure Vin Diesel being cast in the movie doesn’t help it not feel like that funny enough Vin Diesel was in Fast & Furious movies then cheesy sci-fi action movies and then fast.

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and furious took off again and then he was in Fast & Furious movies and then cheesy sci-fi action movies again circle of life and it is cheese now the first act of this movie I was like this is as cheesy as it gets but I could enjoy that we’re talking to the van Damme street fighters number one fan here I can enjoy that then the second act tries to amp it up but it doesn’t seem to know the difference between more plots and more intrigue because the fact is there’s a lot more plot.

but there’s zero injury and then it’s like dammit they’re on to us alright let’s just be a generic ass sci-fi action movie not cheesy generic which is a bummer because the premise is a really good premise it’s essentially Robocop but also worse than the remake of robocop so if you didn’t like that and the script just does no favours whatsoever because this plot lends itself to you all right let’s piece things together and find out what’s going on any time that’s a possibility someone just jumps in there to give you the answer it’s like that side seat driver.

when you’re playing a video game that maybe it’s Resident Evil maybe it’s an RPG point is puzzle element you’re playing the game with a puzzle element you got to figure it out maybe your brother’s friends in the rooms like this is how you do it this movies like there’s actually a scene where this one did all this guy I’ll tell you about it in a second this dudes like case you didn’t see the trailer here is just word vomiting.

everything you’re like oh guy no intrigue whatsoever maybe there’ll be other moments of yet no but there’s not there was until someone just had to explain things there are a couple of scenes in particular where people just have to over explain things to the audience if you took those scenes out you don’t even have to replace them with anything just take them out I feel like the movie probably be better never underestimate Hollywood’s ability to think everybody watching a movie is a and that dude I’m talking about I’ve got that one guy he is the worst a total t I broke no hero and he’ll chew gum too you know like a real.

badass if he’s feeling it he’ll take the gum put it right under the desk like he used to do back in elementary school you know like the bad boys do guys what I can say about the movie the movies just a generic sci-fi action movie the movie lent itself to some intrigue and although the trailer shows too much it still looks like other might be an intriguing unraveling of that plot but there’s not it’s just very on the nose dialogue that explains what’s happening as the movie takes your hand and walks you through this movie to the end the word here is generic and those kind of movies I’m not.

gonna remember in t-minus one day yep I already forgot oh it’s a blood shot have you seen it what did you think about it what did generic sci-fi movie maybe it’s one you like you know that cheesy sci-fi action movie but you’re like you know what it’s cool though whatever it is whatever you think comment below let.

me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more to come to like a badass if he’s really feeling it another piece of gum Best Buy 9 October 2017 makes sense if I’m smacking my gum in the microphone sorry that’s terrible ASMR

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