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gladiator tamil dubbed movie download

gladiator tamil dubbed movie download
gladiator tamil dubbed movie download

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gladiator movie story?

is it bad that when we get to the tiger fight scene all i can think about is tiger king carol baskin’s husband where is he i’d go check the coliseum.

gladiator released in 2000 and a strike by ridley scott who’s behind such films like alien blade runner kingdom of heaven roddenhood prometheus and the martian gosh when he is on for directing he is on and when he is not just throw it out the window and this film is starring russell crowe connie nielsen and joaquin phoenix maximus decimus meridius is the general of the roman army and after the final battle to stretch out roman’s

claim on the world hero vows to return home to his wife and son however caesar asks him to stay in order to help diminish the rule of caesar in rome and make rome a republic again but caesar’s son commodus does not like that news so after assassinating his own father commodus orders maximus and his entire family to be media but this is russell crowe he ain’t dying the only thing that commodus did was make maximus a father to a murdered son husband to a murdered wife and he will have his vengeance in this life of the next i love

gladiator tamil dubbed movie download
gladiator tamil dubbed movie download

that speech he became a gladiator that defied an empire i think it’s safe to say that this is the last really big epic and successful sword and sandals movie that was ever released and shockingly enough it is the 20-year anniversary once i started scheduling out all the reviews i was going to be doing with recommendations all of a sudden gladiator news articles started popping up talking about the 20-year anniversary oh is there room for a sequel could we do a sequel with this movie it’s perfect timing i remember when this film came out i had didn’t actually watch the first third of this movie for for quite some

time i remember listening to it in the living room i was doing something else in my household and then it sounded really really cool so i came in and watched the rest of the film it was basically when he was in his gladiator stages at the actual coliseum it was actually the first half i think i missed all of the general stuff and the the building yourself up on the indie scene and i thought it was so cool i love swords and sandals epics just you give a sword in a sandal in a movie i’m probably

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gonna be there but i remember being enthralled and loving this villain of comedies played by joaquin phoenix this spoiled little rich [ __ ] was so badass and so cool he’s the villain that you just want to slap across the face because he’s so evil and they make him out to be so evil but you also get where he’s coming from he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth he was handed everything he doesn’t know battle he doesn’t know struggle he doesn’t know really the the essence of being a well-rounded person all that he knows is that one day he’s going to be caesar and ruled everything

so to be brought up your entire life and to have your your father who is pretty distant with you because you can tell that he doesn’t really like you or doesn’t really think of you as a leader as being courageous and having the the virtues to become a leader so when he tells you that yeah so so the whole king thing that’s gonna end with me and we’re gonna make this a republican a democracy again i would be pissed off too but i’ve killed my father no no i don’t think i would have gone that far but that’s what makes confidence such a great villain he’s a villain through and through he’s done some despicable things he does despicable things in this movie but yet you understand where he’s coming from notice how i said that i understand

not that i agree with or that i condone what he does so all of you internet trolls you can’t twist my words around there so yeah but this was also the first time that i saw russell crowe and after watching him as his badass gladiator i thought that he was such a badass in real life he deserved to win the oscar for best actor in this film i didn’t think so i’m depressed i am brooding acting maybe if the director’s cut was released maybe i would get a little bit more backstory and a little bit more character development from maximus i think i have to clarify that i’ve only seen the theatrical version i have not seen the director’s cut because apparently that’s the thing to do with

ridley scott we can never put his complete version in the theater we have to cut it down and rearrange everything like crazy for everything that he does and nowadays you can tell exactly where they cut and rearranged and cut some things out took out entire storylines and kind of glued it together to make this theatrical release especially after watching the director’s cut of kingdom of heaven it’s an entirely different film than what we got in the theatrical version so if you have seen the director’s cut should i watch that instead of the theatrical one

comment below i’m actually very interested to hear your opinion i want to say this is also one of the first times that i heard hans zimmer’s score in a film and he’s one of my favorite living composers today so anything hans zimmer on screen i’m in it’s wonderful but after watching this film this last time for this channel i really started noticing that this is a blueprint for how you build up a professional wrestler and how you make a wwe superstar into the guy into the man of the entire company you start off with a heel boss and when i say heal that means you’re the bad guy you’re the guy that everyone despises in in the company and in the business but just like

any story in novels and movies and in plays you need someone to oppose that evil authority figure so in comes maximus meridius and let’s use it in real life this was right around the time or at least just after when stone cold steve awesome became the biggest wrestling star in in the last couple of decades he starts building himself up on the india scene just like maximus does and then when he makes it to the big time the colosseum wwe or wwf at the time and he starts developing the persona of being that anti-authority figure and starts

defying our big guy we have commodus and we have vince mcmahon on this side the audience starts cheering and loving the superstar to the point we get our final clash between anti-authority figure and authority figure i just wish that wwe would use that formula to build up a new superstar today but nowadays wwe just wants to control everything and write everything and micromanage everything so it seems like they are the ones making these major players and these top guys in the industry whereas a couple of years ago when you had daniel bryan and the entire audience holding the show hostage chanting for this guy and now go back to your roots and follow the formula

that you had with gladiator and with stone cold steve austin and build up that guy to be your next big top player and going down a wwe rant right now and i don’t want to because this is a movie review channel however i have been thinking about doing like match rankings and like pay-per-view rankings that might be coming in the future i think this film is a lot of fun again we have a fantastic villain we have great fight scenes we have some great dialogue in here too

some people may consider them to be one-liners but they are fantastic one-liners and once said to me death smiles at us all the only thing a man can do is smile back funny did your friend smile at his own death you should know he was your father i love it and it’s really good advice you know death smiles at us all what can you do about it you can put it off for as long as you want but eventually it’s gonna happen so all you can do is smile back and on that happy note i’m gonna give gladiator 4 out of 5 blu-rays all right everyone now comes my favorite

part of my videos where i pick which movie i’m going to be watching next and we’re continuing this summer with knocking out a lot of these recommendations that i’ve received and i’ve got one from ajb who recommended after watching my review of batman v superman he recommended justice league i cannot wait for the comments on that one as all of you probably know by now i love batman v superman and i was a champion of that film i’m still a champion of the film today so what did i think of justice league well i think you’re gonna have to tune in next time to find out so guys have you seen gladiator what did you think about it or if you’ve never seen it before and you’ve stumbled

across it because of this video then comment below let me know what you thought about it and like i said before should i watch the director’s cut is it better than the theatrical version comment below let me know what you thought and as always if you like what you saw here if you like my take on movies then hit the subscribe button and hit that bell so you know the next time i release my next movie review so guys i will see you next time with my review of justice league so in the meantime be well be good to each other and go watch a movie take care guys you

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