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Banner: Yash Raj Films
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Story, screenplay, dialogue, direction: Parmeet Sethi
Music: Pritam
Artists: Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Veer Das, Miyang Chang, Anupam Kher, Kiran Juneja, Pawan Malhotra, Jamil Khan

badmaash company full movie download pagalworld moviesflix foumovies rdxhd filmyzilla filmywap.
badmaash company full movie download pagalworld moviesflix foumovies rdxhd filmyzilla filmywap.
  • U / A * 2 hours 24 minutes
    Rating: 1.5 / 5 If you want to earn more money in less time, then you have to resort to dishonesty. People have to be fooled by misusing sharp minds. Apart from ‘Badmaash Company’ many films have been produced on such things because there is a lot of scope for entertainment in it. The biggest problem of ‘Badmaash Company’ is its script. Parmeet Sethi has written it according to his convenience. According to the mind, twists have been given to the story, even if it is not reliable and correct. This does not allow viewers to connect to the events being shown on screen. Even in terms of entertainment, the film has more boredom moments. The story dates back to the 1990s when there was a large craze of imported goods as it was not readily available. Four young Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir Das) and Jing (Miang Chang) from Bombay start a business together. They sell imported goods from Bangkok to India. Karan fights his mind in such a way that he becomes rich in a short time. They have to shut down their business due to government policies. Karan, along with his companions, reaches his maternal uncle in the US and starts cheating them there. Eventually, one day they come to the police’s arrest and their friendship breaks. Here Karan’s maternal uncle suffers a tremendous loss in business. Karan, following the right path this time, with the help of his sharp mind and companions, transforms the losses suffered by his company into profit and they understand their goodness in following the right path. The film is okay in the beginning, when Karan, the hero of the film, earns a lot of money through the flaws of the law. But once he reaches America, boredom prevails in the film. Many scenes are extremely long and have repetitions. From here such incidents happen which are not reliable. Everything is very easy for Karan. He fools the people of the US, as if they do not know anything. It seems that there is no such thing as police. When the writer feels that Karan should be handed over to the police, then he climbs into the hands of the police. Controversy among four friends is not properly justified. Just had to show them fighting, so they fight. They had to be together at the climax, so they get together. There is no sadness or happiness on their separation or being together. The fun that should be enjoyed in the story of friends is missing from the film. Parmeet Sethi as director has shot some good scenes, but he could not hide the flaws of the script he wrote. Despite having a pair like Shahid and Anushka, he ignores the romance completely. He has presented the story on screen in such a way that the viewer is not able to get involved. Shahid Kapoor’s performance is fine, but he has not become such a big star that he can pull the weight of such commercial films alone. Anushka Sharma may have had fewer opportunities but managed to make her presence felt. Veer Das and Miyang Chang play Shahid well. ‘Chaska-Chaska’ and ‘Jingle-jingle’ music composed by Pritam can be heard. The film’s background music is great and reminiscent of the 90s. Overall, this ‘badass company’ has high loss in profit and loss account.


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