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hey everybody it’s time again for

another best movie you never saw

and this week we’re taking a look at

paul verhoeven’s

hollow man now at the turn of the


paul verhoeven needed a hit having

started the 90s as the biggest director

in the business

hello man tamil dubbed movie download
hello man tamil dubbed movie download

coming off of robocop and total recall

the first half of the decade helped

establish him as one of the most

idiosyncratic and beautifully trashy

directors in town

with basic instinct a boundary pushing

smash hit

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Latest news of Sushant Singh Rajput

that made a star out of sharon stone


verhoeven in an attempt to be

provocative went way too far

with 1995’s showgirls the first


big budget nc 17 film which turned out

to be a financial flop

and was ridiculed in the press sweeping

the razzies and torpedoing star

elizabeth berkley’s career although

in a surprise twist 25 years later it’s

gone on to become a major cult classic

that’s earned the studio that produced

it over a hundred million dollars in

home video sales

making it among their more evergreen


his comeback in 1997 was starship


but that also failed to recoup its 100

million dollar plus budget with it also

failing to launch kasper van dien as the

next matinee idol star

although reviewers which took note of

the film as a satire were largely

positive this time and like showgirls it

went on to become a major earner on home


successful enough to spawn a modest

franchise yet

as the decade drew to a close verhoeven

badly needed a hit

he stated at the time that he was

looking to do a film that was more

broadly commercial

and that he planned to tone down the

over-the-top sex and violence from his

previous films

for what would turn out to be a

high-tech take on the invisible man

hollow man written by andrew w marlow

who was then red-hot coming off of his

screenplays for air force one

and end of days and would later go on to

create the long-running series castle

despite verhoeven’s promises to tone

down the violence and sex

holloman was still pretty controversial

when it hit theaters

with many criticizing how cold-blooded

the film was

which included a graphic rape sequence

dog murder

and some shocking gore in the final act

the film was actually a modest success

at the box office grossing 72 million

dollars domestically

although the budget was quite high and

it came close to breaking about 200

million dollars overseas

meaning it probably broke even and maybe

made the studio a bit of money

well not the big commercial hit he was

hoping for it was solid enough

but got further mired in controversy

when it became known that

sony actually created a fictional film

critic david manning

in order to supply their own fake

in-house critical quotes

for tv spots and ads although this fact

didn’t become widely known until a year


when three more manning approved films

the animal a nightstale and american

sweethearts hit theaters verhoeven

himself voiced this pleasure with the


saying that he shouldn’t have made it

and that he regretted doing so so much

that he left hollywood to direct films

in europe including blackbook

and l and write a widely controversial


about jesus for my money verhoeven has

nothing to be ashamed of with hollow man

as it’s an intriguing precursor to what

lee 1l did with the invisible man

earlier this year in both films the

invisible man is a toxic misogynist who

uses his invisibility to sexually

violate the objects of his affection

and commit murder in both films the

actual lead as a woman with the heroine

here played by elizabeth shue

whose character formally dated bacons

and works with him in the high-tech

lab where they’re doing invisibility

studies i thought

we were great together

you were great i was just standing next

to you

unlike leonel’s movie though it’s not

digital experiments it’s more chemical

what’s especially intriguing about

hollow man versus the invisible man

is that kevin bacon’s character

sebastian kane isn’t truly evil before

he becomes invisible

sure he’s egotistical fragile and

perhaps a closet misogynist but his

evolution into becoming truly evil

only really happens once he becomes

invisible in a very creepy scene early


he uses his invisibility to molest one

of the doctors on the team

played by deadwood’s kim dickens and

this is on the first night mind you

and what’s even creepier about this is

that after when she tells the staff what


they not only believe her they just

don’t care

i thought i should tell someone what do

you want to do

i don’t know how [ __ ] up is that


from there on he gets worse and worse

telling shu’s character

that you wouldn’t believe what you’re

capable of when you don’t have to look

at yourself in the mirror

it’s amazing what you can do when you

don’t have to look at yourself in the

mirror anymore

sebastian goodbye london sebastian by

losing his visibility he in effect

loses his soul and becomes a violent

rapist in a scene that was widely

controversial back in 2000

and was even harsher before being toned

down bacon goes all in on making kane a

horrible monster

and it’s effective against type casting

because i think we all see

kevin bacon as you know the sweet kid

from footloose and a nice guy

yeah i just

wanted to


for her part elizabeth shu was a

rock-solid action heroine and i wish she

got more roles like this

besides the hollow man the only other

one that i can really think of is

piranha 3d

which i think is a crazy underrated


i like that the film departs from the

norm in this one with her boyfriend

played by a young josh brolin being

sidelined in the final battle

to make this her fight i thought i’d

save you for a change

my only issue with the movie has always

been this sebastian’s invisibility seems

to give him super strength with him

covered with enough

burns at the end of the film that he’s

no longer invisible i mean

he looks hideous and there’s no way he’d

be able to stand

more over fight shoe i should also say

though one of the best things about the


are the cutting edge special effects and

to my mind the way that they depict

invisibility in this film

has yet to be equaled the transformation

sequence in particular

is grotesque and brilliant i remember

they had a really hard time showing any

scenes from this in the ads

because it’s so gruesome i also love the

creepy score by regular verhoven

collaborator jerry goldsmith

while it’s not one of verhoeven’s best

movies i still think it’s a pretty good

invisible man movie

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