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joker movie story?
Banner: Hari Om Entertainment Co., Three’s Company, UTV Motion Pictures
Producer: Farah Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shirish Kunder
Director: Shirish Kunder
Music: Gaurav Dagaonkar
Artists: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Shreyas Talpade, Minisha Lamba, Asrani, Chitrangada Singh
Sensor Certificate: U * 1 hour 45 minutes
Rating: 1/5

Akshay Kumar was so annoyed with the Joker film that despite having invested his money in the film, he did not promote the film itself, which created a negative atmosphere towards the film even before the release of the film.  The film’s director Shirish Kunder said in an interview that his work will speak.  Seeing ‘Joker’, his work says that the film should not be made as such.

The spectacle he has shown in the name of ‘Joker’ is very childish.  Perhaps Shah Rukh Khan refused to do the Joker, but Shirish believed in his script and insisted that he made a film about Akshay.

Shirish could not decide whether he was making this film for the children or for the elders.  It is important for both age groups to like the film, but Shirish failed miserably.

joker movie tamil dubbed download in isaidub
joker movie tamil dubbed download in isaidub

When the director of a film is weak, it affects every department of the film.  The same thing happened with the Joker.  The film is bad in every respect including acting, script, music.

The argument made for not finding a place called Pagalapur in the map of India is very lame.  A few months before India became independent, an Englishman made a map of India.  He wanted to go to Pagalapur to complete his map, but the village was captured by the madmen who fled the insane asylum.

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That Englishman could not go to Pagalapur and without showing that village in the map of India, he passed the map of India.  He could have shown Pagalapur in the map without even going to the village, but he did not do so.  The question also arises that did he go to every village in British India to make a map?

There is no electricity nor water in Pagalapur village.  No one knows about that village even after years of independence.  The people there act like crazy.  If someone thinks of himself as a lantern and hangs upside down, then on seeing an airplane, it is understood that Hitler has attacked.  Only men are seen in Pagalapur, women are not found.

Agastya (Akshay Kumar), a young man among these crazy, goes to America and becomes a scientist (?).  Coming to the village, he is very disappointed to see the condition there.  In order to bring Pagalapur to the international map, he does such a dexterous way that the media of the world, police, army, FBI and NASA scientists reach there, but no one can understand the cleverness of Pagalapur crazy.

They cannot catch the lies of aliens made from pumpkin, watermelon, papaya, bitter gourd and chilli.  Soldiers with tanks and guns in hand just stare at the aliens.  They do not even go ahead and catch them.  There are so many flaws in the script that a book can be written.

The director and writer of the film also treated the audience like the residents of Pagalapur and served with the understanding that the audience would accept everything.  Shirish Kunder drew inspiration from many films, yet could not do a good job.  His idea is good, but he failed to land it in the film.  In favor of why the film was named Joker, he put some dialogues and scenes, which do not fit in the script.

In more than half the film, Akshay Kumar has acted in a unique way.  He probably understood his mistake, so somehow he completed the film.  Every hero speaks many lies about his film before release, but Akshay is so embarrassed about this film that he could not dare to lie.

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