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kavacham movie story?

Every defeat is like a lesson. But Bellamkonda’s successor Sai Srinivas seems to be in the habit of memorizing such lessons. A similar impression is formed when watching the movie ‘Kavacham’ starring him. Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Kajal and Mehreen starrer ‘Kavacham’ was released today (December 7) in theaters. Srinivas Mamilla, a new director, was introduced to the industry through this film. Naveen Shonthineni quoted the film under the banner of Vansadhara Creations.

‘A kingdom indefinitely. That kingdom has no king. Queen only. The queen is not a servant in the kingdom. But the servant conspires to thwart the queen and the servant who is with the queen. The knight cleverly thwarts the conspiracy and saves the kingdom and the queen. In return, Rani Bhatudi is captured. The servant goes to jail. Roughly the same ‘armor’ story. If ever there was a color to a story like this from the Black and White era, it’s this story.
Bellamkonda Vijay (Sai ​​Srinivas) is an SI in Visakhapatnam. Encounter dreams of becoming a specialist. He is survived by his mother, who lost his father as a child. The US (Mehreen) enters his life going smoothly. He rescues her from the villains while she is being chased and takes her home. Just then his mother had a big accident and had to pay Rs. 50 lakhs will be required. The US claims that their uncle (Mukesh Rushi) will pay Rs 50 lakh if ​​he plays the role of the heir apparent to the kidnapping of S Solutions. Vijay plays a kidnapping drama with the US as there is no other option.

kavacham tamil dubbed movie download
kavacham tamil dubbed movie download

But there is a key turning point in the story. Vijay after kidnapping .. Vijay is shocked to see on TV that the kidnappers have not left the US yet. ACP Sarath Chandra (Harish Uttaman) tries to nab the kidnapper after the police find out that he is SI Vijay. Only then did Vijay, who had escaped from the police, know the real truth. The heiress to the original S Solutions company is not US (Mehreen) who is introduced to her. She finds out that her name is Lavanya (Mehreen). The real US (Kajal) finds out that he is the girl he fell in love with in the past. Who is so beautiful? Who is the US? Elegance .. Why become a US? Who is behind this? The rest is the story of how Vijay was able to put it out there.

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Bellamkonda Srinivas has not had much faith in the air of new directors in Tollywood in recent times. New director Srinivas Mamilla gave a hint on how the film is going to be in the first ten minutes. ‘Whose name is preceded by a family name. As soon as the hero enters in a huge dialogue like ‘Encounter will be in front of my name’ .. Intro song elevating the heroism .. Immediately the villains come chasing the heroine .. The hero crushes them and saves the heroine. The director filled the cover with lots of scenes that incorporated similar drama.

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