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kickboxer movie story?
okay guys so let’s talk about kickboxer vengeance there was a string of kickboxer sequels in the early 90s and while one of them did have that guy from iron chef in it this film and more of the form of a reboot is the first one to have John Claude Van Damme in it since he appeared in the original this scrip virtually tells the same story as the first one the guy’s brother gets killed by a vicious fighter a young up-and-coming fighter must prove himself to take on his foes killer to get revenge you toss in Van Damme as a trainer .

and there you have your reboot I love the first film but what that said the glaring weakness in this movie was the charisma of Van Damme in the 1989 original being virtually non-existent in this movie this was the pure definition of a b-movie with overly scripted dialogue weak acting performances and nothing at all that gave the impression the original kickboxer was anything more than a template and not an inspiration.

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like it should have been there was loads of nostalgia in this movie but it was almost to a detriment as each familiar scene reminded me of the original and how much better that film was Van Damme was decent in this movie but even he showed no energy and his solemn demeanor almost came across more as disinterest but he still did.

look very capable in some of his fight scenes dave bautista was solid in his performance and he certainly looked the part but with his development in this unambitious script he was nowhere near as menacing as the villain he was replicating but for as small as I’m sure the budget was for this project they did make a solid effort there was some good moments of action littered among the many over choreographed sequences a good amount of the fight sequences were just very staged they never felt very real and with the over repetitive slow-motion filled techniques it never really comes off very impactful and in the end this was just a typical b-movie it’s not horrible but it was long to sit through I was hoping for more out of Van Damme and while he may have been trying.

kickboxer movie download in tamil
kickboxer movie download in tamil

to pull off the passing of the torch like Stallone did with Creed this one was clearly not on the same level and I had to give it unfortunately a d-plus this film had a couple of good moments but overall was very uninspired it did not entertain like I should have and it was very disappointing and those are my thoughts on kickboxer vengeance guys thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this quick little review

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