Home Movie pirates of the caribbean 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies

pirates of the caribbean 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies

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pirates of the caribbean 5 tamil dubbed movie download isaimini tamilrockers tamilyogi

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pirates of the caribbean 2 movie story?
all right so this is the first Disney film ever to use that new logo and I’m not going to lie and my still the only person who prefers that older one I don’t know it was less straightforward with the music you know Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dead Man’s Chest so three years after curse of Black Pearl we have the return of our favorite new pirate Jack Sparrow and of course will Turner and Elizabeth Swann and they’re about to get married but things go awry when Cutler Beckett arrives on the scene he’s like alright will you help Jack Sparrow escape at the end of the last movie I could arrest you for that or you could bring me something in

pirates of the caribbean 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies
pirates of the caribbean 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini kuttymovies

his possession that I need a compass you know the one that doesn’t Point North it actually points to the thing you want the most so we’ll have to go get that but Jack Sparrow has bigger problems to deal with turns out some time in the past he struck a deal with Davy Jones and that deal is up so not Davy Jones is coming to get him alright

Bill Nighy is Baby Jones first of all is it Bill Nighy or Bill Nighy because whenever I hear his name I’m always like yeah yeah but anyways Davy Jones in this film is one scary

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you see him it’s um pretty good motion capture for 2006 it’s got those tentacles going on him like I don’t want him to touch me with those tentacles because that’d be really weird and creepy and slimy I mean the captain is a Flying Dutchman which really looks like a haunted ship it’s really cool-looking and his crew is all these like sea creatures these really nasty looking dudes with like spikes on their head and

who looks really cool really up the special effects from the last movie and as if that wasn’t enough Davy Jones is in command of the Kraken but you don’t really get to see in this film any you see the tentacles when is you know attacking a ship and it’s really cool you know right away is this cracking is bad news for any ship unlucky enough to come across this thing but that man is just really just like the first one is a lot of fun like the first half of this film you haven’t really even met Debbie Jones yet you’re just trying to get off this island of cannibals which is really funny because Jack Sparrow is on the run from Davy Jones so he just finds the nearest island he could find happens to be this island of savage cannibals they just make Jack Sparrow their chief that’s where we’ll find them and so they reunite they get off the island on the Black Pearl.

and now they all got to deal with Davy Jones coming after them it’s really cool although there are some things in this movie that don’t make sense that I still don’t understand really like there’s a point where will Turner is on the Flying Dutchman he’s there to negotiate with Davy Jones they’re playing this game called liars dice where like I don’t know they have dice in a cup they put it on the table and then they I guess they try to guess like what the dice is like four or five s or whatever it is I don’t know I really don’t get the rules of that game I know it’s a game on the DVD I think it is but you know how many years it’s been since I’ve

seen that but the real we’ll try to negotiate with Davy Jones that he’s going after this key this key that unlocks the dead man’s chest and I’m going to tell you what’s in this chest inside the dead man’s chest is the heart of Davy Jones like the literal physical heart yeah this is the heart get your mind out of the gutter how why Davy Jones card out is on hard and put it in this chest we won’t know until the third movie actually but it’s really neat when everyone’s on that island they’re going after the chest they’re fighting each other you have Jack Sparrow you have Will Turner you have Davy Jones crew and you also have Norrington the Commodore from the first movie who just threw it all away he’s like yeah you know what this

I’m going after Jack Sparrow because I want to kill him and we’ll turn or two and so there’s a point where they get into this three-way fight and it’s just the most fun thing to watch very much fighting for their own reasons and that’s when

everyone’s going out to the chest and it’s just what can you say it’s like I said it’s fun so Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest introduced a lot of new elements to the Pirates of the Caribbean lore it had more fun action more fun dialogue between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner and all the rest of the characters much better special effects and that ending dude is straight-up cliffhanger I’m actually not going to say what happens here because you’ve got to go watch it because it’s actually really cool I mean

that last shot just gets you hyped as hell for the third movie and the soundtrack is actually kind of funny in this case because class without you no score the first one for the most part and then his mentor Hans Zimmer is like you know what I’m just going to take over this project from now on I’m going to take over this film series and you know it’s more of the same catchy music from the first one and Davy Jones has his own

new eerie theme it’s really cool good stuff so Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest have you seen it have you watched it recently how does it rank among all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

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