Home Movie pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.

pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.

pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.
pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.

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pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed movie story?

Stories are running out for movies. That’s why so many directors are trying to show old stories as new. The old story is shown anew with an impressive narrative. At the same time some directors are looking for new concepts. Trying to impress the audience by making innovative movies. Now director Srivas has done the same. Unlike his older films, he made the film using the Panchabhutas as ‘evidence’. And will this ‘evidence’ impress the audience .. let’s see ..!

pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.
pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed download khatrimaza.

This is a well-known story. A zamindari family who do good to the town. As well as the four reassurances of evil that do evil. Together, the four kill the zamindari family. Small children will not even leave the cattle in that house in the end. It is debunked that there was no evidence that the enemy had killed everyone without remnants. But the remnant of the enemy remains. It grows bigger and bigger and eliminates those villains. But here’s a small twist. There will be ‘evidence’ of the sin committed by those four brothers. The same Vishwa (Bellakonda Sai Srinivas) comes in the form of death. But the universe does not know why he is killing them. The four brothers do not know who is actually killing themselves. The Panchabhutas are doing all this. And you have to see on the screen how those five monsters killed the enemies with the universe

The concept chosen by director Srivas is awesome. The sinner thinks he has done it without evidence. But the director’s concept is that the Panchabhutas are the proof of the sin of every human being. It was shown on the screen that it punishes those who have sinned in any form. Although the story is very good, the director seems to be a bit hesitant to show it on screen as well.

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There is a feeling that the length of the film has been increased too much and stretched well. It would have been nice if the first half in particular had been screened for more entertainment. The songs in the middle of the fast-moving movie were interrupted like speed breakers. Of course it feels like this story doesn’t need all the songs. But the whole movie was led by a background song called ‘Shivam Sivam Bhava Haram Haram’. Feels like this song is enough.
And Soundarya Lahari (Pooja Hegde) Vishwa Pade songs to win love .. Moonlight Kishore comedy entertained. It would have been a plus for the film if the comedy dose had been increased a bit. The first part shows the introductions of the hero and heroines, the love between the hero and heroines, some action scenes. The second half shows the complete elimination of enemies. It was also very interestingly screened. Killing hero enemies is as interesting as the concept created by Valmiki (songwriter Ananth Sriram) for the video game. It is impressive that each of the four who killed the zamindari family is forced into one monster

Hero Sai Srinivas is getting better for the movie. However, he should focus on dialogue delivery. Dialogues provided by a powerful writer like Sai Madhav Burra can be said to be just as powerful. Srinivas should improve as much as possible in this regard. He gave fights and dances. Pooja Hegde performed as well as ever. The beauty looked just as aesthetic in the mood mood. In the role of Muniswamy, Jagapathibabu showed terrible cruelty. His younger brothers Ravi Kishan, Ashutosh Rana and Madhu Guruswamy have cultivated Vilanijan well. Anant Sriram, Vennela, Rao Ramesh, Jayaprakash, Pavithra Lokesh, Sarath Kumar, Meena, Posani, Kashi Vishwanath played their respective roles.

Technically ..
Technically the film is very rich. Construction values ​​are very good. Arthur A. Wilson Cinematography is awesome. New York City and Dubai are beautifully shown. The main theme of the film is the background music of Harshavardhan Rameshwar. Provided excellent background music. BGM gave life to the film. Especially in the scene where the cow picks up the baby and the calf runs away. The hairs of the movie-goers are unkempt. The songs are good .. not in the context of the movie. Sai Madhav Burra dialogues are good. Peter Haynes stunts are simple without being overly so. Computer graphics work like a hero riding a bull, picking up a calf and running

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