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sadugudu vandi movie review?
No matter how difficult it is to get star status .. it is just as difficult to retain that status. But Vijay Devarakonda, who has success in his own name, is proving that success is not enough if you change that difficulty at will. With the blockbuster hit films like ‘Pelli Chupulu’, ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘Geetha Govindam’, the jet was speeding. Vijay Devarakonda and Priyanka Jawalkar starrer ‘Taxiwala’ starring Malvika Nair in a pivotal role was released in theaters on Saturday (November 17). “Geeta Art 2 Pictures, the film yuvikriyesans Banners eskeen major movie journalist. This is his first film. Did Vijay Devarakonda, who came to the forefront of the audience with his sci-fi comedy thriller for the first time in his career, make his way to success? Did the attempt of the new director to experiment with the first film succeed? Let’s find out by reviewing things like.

Are there ghosts? Will the soul be separated from the body after we die? Do they turn into demons? Similar questions have been answered in many films. No matter how many thrilling and horror based movies come out, the audience will be at the forefront. Horror films have always been popular, although they make the story interesting. Recently, Vijay Devarakonda made a new experiment with a sci-fi comedy-thriller movie based on horror and became successful. So what is the story of ‘Taxiwala’ movie ..

sadugudu vandi movie download isaimini moviesda tamilrockers kuttymovies tamilgun tamilplay
sadugudu vandi movie download isaimini moviesda tamilrockers kuttymovies tamilgun tamilplay

After completing his degree, Shiva (Vijay Devarakonda) comes to his father (Madhunandan) in Hyderabad for a job. Madhunandan runs a taxi garage called ‘Babay Car Care’. Shiva belongs to a middle class family and is raised by his elder brother (Ravi Prakash) Vadina (Kalyani). Shiva, who came to Hyderabad for a job so as not to be a burden to his family, decides to become a ‘taxiwala’ after many attempts. With the help of his brother, Vadinala buys an old taxi at a low price. Carrying family responsibilities .. Anna is eager to leave. In the first introduction, Dr. Anusha (Priyanka Juvarkar) falls in love with Shiva. Unexpected turn in Shiva’s life which is going smoothly. Unexpected developments take place in his taxi and he realizes that there is a ghost in it. The ghost in the taxi kills the doctor (Uttej) who accidentally got in his car in front of Shiva’s eyes. This gives an unexpected twist to Shiva who goes to the house of Ragha Ram (Shizu), the owner who sold him the car. Professor (Ravi Verma) finds out that what is in that car is the soul of Sisira (Malvika Nair). Why did Sisira become such a soul? What happened to her body? Was she able to become a man again? That’s the rest of the ‘Taxiwala’ story.

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New director Rahul Sankrityan has experimented with a new genre of science fiction thriller with his scientific theory called ‘Astral Projection’. In the background of the body and spirits we hear that the soul leaves the body after death. But the same ‘astral projection’ that can separate the soul from the body while we are alive. Accordingly these spirits can be introduced into dead bodies and talk to them. New director Rahul has succeeded in adapting the concept of astral projection to his scripted story and presenting a sci-fi comedy thriller with a gripping screenplay. Screenplay is crucial to dealing with a story like this. Without losing the grip on the screenplay somewhere in the story of Taxivala .. Fastoff turned the whole thing into a thrilling entertainer and the director took it to the original story in the second half. Introducing each character, Rahul made the audience feel like they had seen a new genre movie without getting bored. In this sci-fi movie, the logic is missed but the story is interesting and everything is washed away.

Vijay Devarakonda played the role of Shiva. He bleeds the emotional scenes that come with his older brother, Vadina. Anantapur girl Priyanka Juvalkar, who made her entry in Tollywood with this movie, was impressed. Vijay and Priyanka are a good couple. Malavika Nair, who played a key role in this film, is said to be the turning point of ‘Taxiwala’. Emotions Scenes‌ Well Cultivated. Yamuna, who played the mother of Kalyani and Malavika, who played Vijay in the film, once again showed their seniority on screen. Madhunandan and Zabardast Chammak Chandra laughed with comedy. Especially his real life friend Vishnu who acted as a friend to Vijay .. did belly sticks in ‘Hollywood’ character. Impressed with the Telangana accent with good timing. Reminiscent of the one-time Sunil in the mortuary scene.

The music provided by Tamil music director Jacques Bijoy was the highlight of the film. Especially mesmerized with the song ‘Mate Vinaduga’. Impressed with the background music. Variations on rap, emotion, romantic, action, chasing scenes and good music. Director Rahul Taking, Sujit Visuals, Jakes Music, Krishnakanth Lyrics, Joshua Stunts .. Sai Kumar Reddy dialogues are the main attraction of this film. Without the commercials and fanfare .. the entire film was shown beautifully in Hyderabad on the planned budget. Although this is the first film for producer SKN, the production values ​​are good. Overall Vijay Devarakonda’s ‘Taxiwala’ journey is thrilling and safe. It’s a movie to watch in theaters, not piracy.

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