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train to busan 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini moviesda kuttymovies.
train to busan 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini moviesda kuttymovies.

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train to busan 2 movie story?
train to busan has a sequel it’s called peninsula it also has an animated prequel quite a few films in this universe but i was so pumped for this i was a little bit later to the train to busan train i.

jumped on board but it is one of those movies that for me just lift up to all of the hype and that’s a tough thing to do so i was anticipating this i need your comments down below if you enjoyed it or if you’re looking forward to it and of course if you enjoy these reviews and you want to leave this video a thumbs up that would be awesome so peninsula it takes place four years after the zombie.

outbreak and train to busan the korean peninsula is devastated and a former soldier has managed to escape overseas and he’s given a mission to go back when he unexpectedly meets survivors and again i was hyped up for this film even though i was going in hearing a couple of things i mean i haven’t really looked into the reviews just yet but i’ve heard a couple of things from people saying it just doesn’t live up to the original and not to start the review out on a negative note but i have to agree with a lot of what they’ve been saying about this movie one of the beautiful things about the original train of busan is the fact that.

train to busan 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini moviesda kuttymovies.
train to busan 2 tamil dubbed movie download tamilrockers isaimini moviesda kuttymovies.

it’s just it’s this contained story right and you’re establishing these roles within all of the people involved you have those who are a bit more selfish when it comes to survival you have those who are willing to help others and then you have those who are just kind of caught in the midst of the madness it was simplistic in nature but we all understood where most of the characters were coming from and we gravitated towards them emotionally.

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now there’s a lot to gravitate towards emotionally here plenty of just hardcore sad devastating uh emotional moments within this movie absolutely i just didn’t resonate with the characters maybe as much as the filmmakers wanted me to and that could have to do with the fact that it’s much more of a grand scale and epic story and that’s really cool with some awesome zombie moments and some crazy entertaining action slash fight scenes and all that’s good and well but we see that in most of the zombie movies and tv shows that we’re getting we needed something a bit different here to latch on to one element that i thought.

was cool is the fact that this does feel kind of like a mad max-esque world even though we’re four years in people are going crazy in this universe and it’s not as well explained as the first film uh where we kind of have a reason for why those really kind of mean evil selfish individuals are one villain in particular that was just awesome in the first movie why they’re acting the way that they’re acting and i get it but still it’s only four years in here it’s not like the world has completely lost their minds but they kind of have in this universe and we have a lot of evil people here that just feel evil for the sake of being evil and i needed a bit more depth.

to those characters now our heroes are one character in particular who gets kind of swept up in this situation trying to save this family uh there was a bit of fleshing out for his character and i liked that progression i also liked where that certain storyline goes to some really interesting action scenes there but what i was looking for within this movie that i never ended up getting uh was something more than just a zombie or a post-apocalyptic action movie whereas in the first film and i hate to make the comparison right you want the movie to stand alone but train to busan is just so good you kind of have to compare the.

first movie has that it has so many layers with the characters and so many moments that resonate with you as a viewer whereas this film didn’t quite pack that same punch even though again visually even though maybe a bit darker at times it really fits the tone i thought it looked great i thought the zombies were even crazier than they were in the first movie uh when the horde is kind of rising up against our human characters that was super entertaining and entertaining that’s the word i use with peninsula but i wanted something maybe a bit more than that with this film so it is a very different sequel and i appreciate that but.

when it comes to drawing those comparisons in my opinion it’s not a movie that it’s not a movie that quite lives up to the first and that’s extremely disappointing so i think it all comes down to what you’re looking for in this film if you just want a zombie action romp with a few really good emotional moments but maybe you don’t care as much as the filmmakers want you to then i do think you’re going to appreciate this film and again i’ve seen some people say that this movie is terrible i don’t think it’s terrible i just think it’s a bit of a disappointing sequel and honestly the biggest criticism that i have is the fact that the first movie was so good and it surpassed so many expectations that it was trying to uh fight.

off the zombie trope that we know nowadays from constant tv shows and movies that just kind of fall into all of those conventional traps train busan comes out and it’s like oh we can do something different peninsula same director a lot of the same crew kind of falls back into that trope that the first movie was trying to fend off and that makes it kind of this conflict of interest that never quite lives up again it was entertaining and this mad max style world was great and visually i thought it worked extremely well but for me i was overall just a bit disappointed which is why i’m going a 55 for my score but again there’s definitely entertainment to be had and the action scenes and just.

this epic nature of the storytelling that was really good so i want to know which side of the fence are you on did you love this movie did you hate this movie are you like me just kind of right down the middle i appreciate you guys for watching this review stay tuned many more videos coming this weekend including a lot of dc fan dome coverage and we’re talking more netflix later on today i appreciate you for watching i’ll see you later

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