Mucous cells: Why is the black fungus spreading only in India? Find out the opinions of experts

Mucous cells: Why is the black fungus spreading only in India?  Find out the opinions of experts

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Black fungus has also started destroying the country with the corona epidemic. Weak immunity and steroids are being blamed for this. Doctors are presenting different theories about this. However, the question arises that the way the black fungus is getting out of control in India is not seen in any other country. So far, there have been more than 11,000 cases of black fungus across the country. At the same time, many states have already declared micromycosis as a notified disease under epidemic laws. Most of the people in India who suffer from black snag are suffering from corona infection or diabetes. According to doctors, the risk of diseases other than coronavirus infection has increased among patients with weakened immune systems in India. Also read – mucosal disease: expert advice – do not panic about the color of the fungus, pay attention to the causes and risks.

Fungal infections are believed to develop for a variety of reasons, including ineffective masks, high diabetes, and in some cases frequent use of industrial oxygen, on which people are more dependent. In addition, due to the slow therapeutic capacity of the body, black and white fungal infections also occur in patients. According to a physician at Sharpside Eye Hospital, the death rate from mucoramicosis is 54 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

Director and co-founder of Sharp Site Eye Hospital. B Kamal Kapoor says that there are an estimated million3 million cases of diabetes in the adult population of India. The use of steroids in disease control increases the risk of diabetes, which in turn increases the complications associated with diabetes. In India, self-medication without a doctor’s advice is also a growing cause of the disease, which causes patients to take longer to recover than usual. Due to this more complications are appearing in the patients and various types of effects are also increasing.

In this issue, Dr. Amit Goyal, ENT Head and Professor at Ames Hospital, Jodhpur, told IANS that two things are important in India, many people do not test sugar every day or take medicine. People believe that once you start taking medicine, then you have to take medicine for the rest of your life. I think un monitored steroids have not been used in any country other than India. At the moment when research is going on about this, you can fully understand why this happened. He further explained that there may be reasons for our lack of cleanliness. People are using used masks again.

Is this also due to the large population of India? In response to this question, Dr. Goel said that if we compare one percent of the population of the United States and India, there will be a difference between them because they say one percent, but the numbers will be different. This may also be a factor, but the way the cases are coming before us, they are not seen elsewhere. The answer can only be found when diabetic patients from other countries are compared with their own country and it is seen that there is more fungus outbreak than fungal outbreak in our country and other countries?

According to doctors, the peculiarity of black fungus is that the infected patient can never stay at home, he has to go to the hospital. People with coronary heart disease, low immunity who have been in the ICU for a long time, cancer, chemotherapy, steroid users and uncontrolled diabetics are more likely to suffer from fungal problems.

Dr. Anil Aurora, Professor, Ganga Ram Hospital, Chairman, Institute of Liver, Gastroenterology and Pancreaticobiliary Sciences, told IANS, “Most of the world’s fungal infections are found in India. The end of the wave is also coming.

A total of 30,000 cases of corona have been reported in Australia. In addition, such cases have been reported in most cases of black fungus in India. According to physicians, the black fungus specifically affects the nasal passages, sinuses, retinal vessels and brain.

Dr Itu Tu Saxena, head of the emergency department at LNJP Hospital in Delhi, told IANS that taking more steroids in our place could also be a factor in the environmental conditions here. The third reason is the use of industrial oxygen, the excess use of zinc. These may also be the causes but these are theories at the moment, nothing has been proven yet.

People in India were neglecting, taking steroids at home in the case of medicine. Black fungus is more common in patients who have taken care of their own homes or who have been treated in private hospitals. The number of such patients in government hospitals has been low. Of all the patients who came here from LNJP Hospital, only a few returned for treatment otherwise all the patients came from outside.

According to the data, patients use liposomal amphitherose B injections to fight the disease, to promote the production of this drug, the government of India has licensed five more companies for it. On the other hand, it is also being reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed that the drug should be brought to India immediately from anywhere in the world.


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