Narad case: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhanankar has expressed surprise over TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee’s demand for arrest in the Narada case, it said.

Narad case: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhanankar has expressed surprise over TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee's demand for arrest in the Narada case, it said

Jagdeep Dhankar (Photo credit: PTI)

Kolkata: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has expressed surprise at Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee’s claim that at his own behest, the three leaders of the ruling party and the former mayor of the city were given the Narad Sting Operation case. Dhankar, who was arrested in the case, said he was shocked to hear such allegations. However, he insisted that he would leave the matter to the discretion of the people of Bengal.

“The governor is watching the Trinamool Congress from morning till evening,” Banerjee told reporters in Hooghly district. He played a key role in the arrest of four leaders. Banerjee appealed to the people to lodge a complaint against the governor at the police station. Banerjee said, “I am aware of the constitutional provision that no criminal proceedings can be instituted against a governor, but I would urge everyone to lodge a complaint with the police in areas where the governors’ crime, violence and incitement to religion are seen.” Read more: West Bengal: TMC riots after investigation into Narda sting case, leaders and activists throwing stones outside CBI office

The TMC MP said that when Dhankar is no longer the governor, legal action can be taken in the cases filed against him. Dhankhar May May At the request of the CBI, Minister of State Farhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, TMC MLA Madan Mitra and former Kolkata mayor Swan Chatterjee were allowed to file cases. The CBI is investigating the sting operation in which the leaders were caught taking bribes on camera. On May 1, the four were arrested by the central agency. These four accused were state ministers at the time of the crime.

Dhankhar Bandyopadhyay, a senior TMC official, a Member of Parliament and a lawyer, tweeted, “Surprisingly, leave the case to the discretion of the Sanskrit people of West Bengal and the media.” Indirectly sarcastic to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Banerjee also told the media that “tears will not help an incompetent person to stay in power because he has failed to handle the Covid-19 situation”.

He said, “Most Indians are looking forward to the country’s second Independence Day in 2024. During a video conference with health workers on Friday, Modi was seen talking emotionally about the people who lost their lives due to Kovid-19. The next general election in the country is 2024. To be held.

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