NCP MLA Anna Bansod’s son arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping

NCP MLA Anna Bansod's son arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping

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Pune, 27 May: Pimpri Chanchwad police in Pune district have arrested the son of NCP MLA Anna Bansod in a case of attempted murder and kidnapping. An official said this on Thursday. The case was filed against Tanaji, a manager at the Solid Waste Management Agency, who himself was arrested on May 12 for allegedly shooting at the Pimpri MLA’s office premises. Powar claimed that two Bansod men abducted him from his office in Akurdi area on the morning of May 12 and took him to a place in Chinchwad where MLA Siddhartha Bansod, 21, and 10 to 15 others beat him with sticks and leather. Belts and sticks.

Powers was charged with two counts of shooting at the office premises in Banwar the same afternoon and was arrested. “We have arrested Siddhartha Bansod and three others from Ratnagiri,” said Deputy Commissioner Manchak Ipar. A total of 13 people have been arrested so far. The legislator claimed that his personal assistant, Power, had asked the company owner to hire two people.

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Bonsod claims that Powar came to his office with two others and after arguing over the matter inside his (MLA) cabin, Powar came out and continued firing.

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