Shocking: Thai woman feels electrified due to smartphone, dies in bed, husband gives birthday present

Shocking: Thai woman feels electrified due to smartphone, dies in bed, husband gives birthday present

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A bizarre incident has been revealed from Thailand. Here in Udon Thani Province (Udon Thani Province) the cause of death of a woman has become a smartphone as a gift from her husband on her birthday. You may not believe it, but it is absolutely true. In fact, a 54-year-old Thai woman died in bed due to the current battery of a smartphone. The dead woman has been identified as Yuen Senpreset. The Prime Minister of Thailand has been fined for not wearing a mask

Yen, 54, was using his new smartphone charger while lying in bed at his home in northeastern Thailand. On the day of the incident, the husband of 54-year-old Yen was out of work and when he returned in the evening, he found her in bed stunned. He was shocked to see the burning marks on his wife’s hand. He then immediately called the medical emergency home, after investigation the woman was pronounced dead.

According to Joan’s husband, Ian likes to play games on his smartphone while relaxing in bed in the evening. He said he bought a smartphone for his wife as a birthday present two days before the incident. The couple has no children. He said ‘My wife didn’t wake up when I was trying to wake her up. I knew something very bad had happened to him. “

Joanne’s husband said his wife liked to play mobile games while going to bed, but he didn’t know it could be dangerous to do so while charging the phone. Police found signs of a head injury on the woman’s right hand. It is believed that the woman received an electric shock, which caused the hand to burn.

A police official said the family denied that any suspect was involved in the woman’s death, but the body has yet to be sent to the hospital for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.


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