100-year-old former first-class cricketer Raghunath Chandorkar


Mumbai: Former first-class cricketer Raghunath Chandorkar completed 100 spring days on Saturday. He is the third cricketer to complete his century. Two other Indian cricketers who have completed 100 years of life are DB Deodhar and Vasant Raiji. Chandorkar’s first-class career lasted from 1943/44 to 1950/51 in which he played for Maharashtra and Mumbai. Chandorkar played seven first-class matches during his career. He made his debut against Bombay for Maharashtra and his last match was for Bombay against Maharashtra. Chandorkar was a wicketkeeper batsman and was known for his superb batting. He scored 155 runs in his seven matches and also made three catches and two stumps in wickets. Prof. DB Deodhar (1892–1993) and Vasant Raiji (1920–2020) are the two Indian cricketers to celebrate their 100th birthday before Chandorkar.


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