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Athletes Village will be the safest place in Tokyo, 40 to 50 thousand corona tests will be done every day.


Tokyo: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has stated that the Athletes Village, built in Tokyo, is the safest place for the Olympic Games. The Tokyo Olympic Games were to be held from July 24 to August 9 this year. But due to Corona, it has been postponed for next year. It will be from 23 July to 7 August next year. IOC President Thomas Bak held a meeting with the organizers. John Coats, head of the IOC Coordination Committee, said that we must ensure that the Tokyo Olympic Village is the safest village. So that the players can trust it. After the games are over, the players will have to leave the village once they are one-two. Problems can arise due to prolonged stay of the players. The Tokyo Olympic Committee has also decided that only 6 officials can participate in the opening ceremony. However, all athletes can participate in the parade. At the same time, 40 to 50 thousand corona tests will be done during the games every day.

No decision yet on audience entry However, it has not been decided yet whether the audience will enter. At the same time, what protocols will be there for the corona for the players, is still to be decided. Regarding this, Tokyo CEO Teshiro Muto said that the policy is not yet in place. The budget and policy will be finalized next month. 11 thousand athletes can participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Please tell that Japan has already lost 56 thousand crore rupees due to postponement of Tokyo Olympics one year. Also, an additional expenditure of Rs 20 crore has also been increased on it.



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