Australian bowler is convinced of this quality of captain Kohli.


Sydney: Australia leg-spinner Adam Jampa says that Indian captain Virat Kohli’s on-field image may be that of an aggressive batting superstar, but he recently emerged as a very ‘cool’ player in the discussion during the Indian Premier League. . Revealing Kohli’s caring attitude towards his fellow players, he said that on the very first day of the IPL this year, a message came from an unknown number on WhatsApp, which was later revealed to be Kohli. It was the first day after I arrived and sent me a WhatsApp message called, Jamps, it has a $ 15 voucher from Delveroo, a vegetarian restaurant. I did not have his number. He made it as if we had always known each other. It is not at all like you see in the cricket field. He always brings this passion to training and matches, he loves competition. He hates to lose like any other. Perhaps he shows it more than any other. As soon as he comes off the field, he is a very ‘chill’ player. He laughs loudly while watching the YouTub clip on the bus.


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