Kapil Dev rejected the idea of ​​sharing the captaincy


New Delhi, November 21 (Sunmarg) Former captain of the Indian cricket team Kapil Dev rejected the idea of ​​sharing the captaincy, saying that Indian culture is not of two captains and if Virat Kohli is doing well in T20 then he should remain captain. Should give.
Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians became the winner in the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) in the United Arab Emirates. It was the team’s fifth IPL title and has won all the titles under Rohit. At the same time, Virat Kohli’s team was eliminated from the qualifiers. Virat’s team has not won a single IPL title so far. In such a situation, the discussion has intensified that the captaincy of T20 should be handed over to Rohit Sharma instead of Virat.
Kapil Dev, captain of the 1983 World Cup winning team said on the second day of the Hindustan Times virtual summit, “I see my culture first. We do not have the idea of ​​two captains. Can a company have two CEOs. If Virat Kohli is doing well in T20, then he should be made the captain of the team. ”
Kapil Dev, one of India’s greatest all-rounders, believes that having different captains will make it difficult for the team to reconcile.
He said, “80 percent of our team is the same in every format. Players do not like captains with different views. England, Australia and South Africa are different. Their mindset and culture is different. But the idea of ​​two captains here will make players confused. ”
He said, “If Virat Kohli is not available in limited overs, then a new captain can be thought of. But as long as he is serving, he should be allowed to lead the team. I think there are two or three players who can do well in the absence of Virat. “


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