‘No dispute between Messi and Griezmann’.


London : English Football Club Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola hopes that star striker Lionel Messi will end his career playing Barcelona. Guardiola said that as a fan he does not want Messi to leave Barcelona. Barcelona manager Ronald Coman has said that there is no dispute between Antoine Griezmann and Messi. Guardiola said that Messi is made for Barcelona only. If you take my opinion from me, I will say that I will be grateful for what Barcelona did for me. I want Messi to play for Barcelona until the end. I don’t know what’s going on in Messi’s mind. The transfer window will open in June. Guardiola has also been the manager of Barcelona before Manchester City. At the same time, Barcelona’s current coach Ronald Coman has also defended Messi over the Griezmann case. He said that he respected Messi. If such an incident had happened to me, I would have been upset. You do not expect such a question from the media after a journey of 15 hours. Let me tell you that Antoine Griezmann’s Uncle Emmanuel Lopez and his old agent Eric Olhatz had described Messi as the root of the Barcelona club’s troubles. . Eric said that Griesman’s life at the club has become difficult because of Messi’s awe.


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