Sri Lanka monsoon rains: 14 killed, more than 245,000 affected by heavy rains

Sri Lanka monsoon rains: 14 killed, more than 245,000 affected by heavy rains

Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Center (DMC) said in its latest update on Sunday that heavy rains had killed 14 people and affected more than 245,000 in the country. Five of the 14 dead died in Kegle, 6km from the capital Colombo, and three were reported from Ratnapura district. Sri Lanka: Heavy rains cause catastrophe in Sri Lanka, 4 killed, 1.1 million injured

The Xinhua news agency said two people were reported missing and two others were injured. According to the DMC, 15,6556 people have been relocated to safer places and more than 600 houses have been damaged. The Sri Lankan navy, meanwhile, said after growing concerns that there was no danger of mixing reactor oil from tanks at the Sapugaskanda oil refinery on the Kelani River on the outskirts of Colombo.

Oil tanks in the oil refinery were filled with rainwater after heavy rains on Saturday. The navy said it had taken the step in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard to skim oil from the reactor in contact with the external environment and prevent further spills, as it could adversely affect the water distribution of the Ambathale and Byagama water treatment plants. There is an effect.

Navy spokeswoman Capt. Indica de Silva said work was underway to extract furnace oil from the floodwaters using a floating boom. Due to inclement weather, the Ministry of Health said that the vaccination program in Kovid-19 has also suffered a setback.

Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr Hemant Herath told local media that the vaccination campaign in the districts was not suspended, but officials could not perform their 100 per cent performance due to heavy rains.

The Meteorological Department said in its latest weather report that a 150 mm heavy drop is expected in the coming days and urged the public to be especially vigilant about heavy thunderstorms.


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