Taliban terrorists: 1 Taliban terrorist killed, 6 arrested in Afghanistan

Taliban terrorists: 1 Taliban terrorist killed, 7 arrested in Afghanistan

Terrorist (Photo credit: PTI)

Kabul: At least one Taliban militant has been killed and eight others arrested in two provinces of Afghanistan. The country’s defense ministry confirmed this on Monday. The news agency Xinhua quoted the ministry as saying that a hideout was raided by Afghan National Army commandos on Sunday night by Afghan National Army commandos and then by Kunduz province. Taliban Afghanistan: 14 terrorists have been killed in an airstrike on a Taliban base

The statement added, “Army commando forces raided a Taliban hideout at midnight. During the operation, security forces fired several shots. They also retaliated in self-defense. Twelve terrorists were killed in the fighting. Eight and eight were detained. Others were killed.” Was arrested. “

The arrested terrorists along with the rescued people have been taken to an army camp. The statement added that the Taliban hideout had been destroyed and weapons and ammunition had been recovered.

Four militants were killed and two others were injured when the Afghan Air Force bombed a Taliban target in an area called Cha-i-Angir in Helmand province’s Nad Ali district on Sunday.

The Taliban have stepped up attacks on provincial capitals, districts, military bases and outposts since US President Joe Biden announced nearly 20 years later that he would withdraw US troops by September 11.


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