The number of active coronary patients in half a dozen districts of UP is less than 50

The number of active coronary patients in half a dozen districts of UP is less than 50

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Lucknow, June 2: In Uttar Pradesh, the amount of corona has started declining. The new model of corona curfew announced by the Chief Minister is succeeding in the state. Perhaps as a result, the number of active patients in half a dozen districts of the state is less than 50. Among these districts of the state, Kaushambi, Hamirpur, Kanpur Dehat, Kasganj, Fatehpur, Balrampur is a district where the number of active patients remains below 50. Healthy competition among the people of the district concerned with the local administration will help bring their district down from the standard number of active patients below active00. In this case, there will be healthy competition between the local administration and the people. Read more: Kavid-19: 5,994 doctors killed in second wave of corona so far, highest death toll from Delhi

Some districts are also moving towards zero infection. It has also started happening, as per the information received on the evening of June 1, there are only 11 districts in UP where the number of active patients is more than 60,000. These districts, as Chief Minister Yogi has set this standard, are joining the standard of exemptions from the curfew of some new district coroners every day. Read more: Home COVID-19 Test: How to test for coronavirus at home, keep these things in mind during the test

According to the data, Covid’s new cases dropped from the top by about 99.2 percent. On April 24, it dropped to one and a half thousand (13,117) on the second day, compared to 370,055 cases recorded in 24 hours. Active cases dropped to 32578. This is 89.5 percent less than the 310783 record on April 30. The recovery rate has been steadily improving to 96.9 percent. The positive rate has become 40 percent. The districts with active cases are Merut 2552, Lucknow, 2280, Saharanpur, 2034, Varanasi, 1943, Gorakhpur 1539 less


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