The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition to stop immigration to Bengal after the violence

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition to stop immigration to Bengal after the violence

Supreme Court (Photo Credit ANI)

New Delhi, May 21: The apex court has fixed the hearing of the petition for next week, saying that directives should be issued to the central and Bengali governments to stop the alleged migration of people due to violence in West Bengal. In fact, violence has erupted in West Bengal even after the Assembly elections. It is claimed that people are being forced to flee the state due to incessant violence. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court in this regard, claiming that the post-election violence in West Bengal had led to mass deportation of people and that police and state-sponsored thugs were colluding with each other. This is why the police are not investigating the cases and have failed to protect those who are risking their lives. Now the Supreme Court has agreed to consider the petition related to the case.

Senior Advocate Pinky Anand, Justice Vineet Sharan and Justice BC. And. Gawai told a bench that more than one lakh people had been displaced from the state due to violence related to assembly elections in West Bengal. The petition calls on the apex court to set up an SIT and investigate and prosecute cases of political violence and targeted killings in the state. The petition alleges that the state-sponsored violence has caused serious humanitarian problems for the people in West Bengal, where they are living in miserable conditions in violation of their fundamental rights enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution. Per.

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Ananda argued before the bench that the matter should be listed immediately as people have been evicted from their homes. In response the bench replied, OK, we will hear the matter next week. A case has been filed against social activist Arun Mukherjee and others in the incident. The petition said that violence has started in West Bengal since May 2 and people have been harmed and tortured. The petitioner alleged that people were being internally displaced in this unfavorable situation. People are forced to live in shelter houses in the state of West Bengal and outside the state. The right to life of the people is being violated by such migration in West Bengal. Their basic rights are being violated and such people are being forced to flee. Appropriate compensation has also been requested for these victims.

The petition alleges that anyone responsible for the violence was incited by the police and the state government. For this reason, the police are silent about the whole matter. In this case, people are being threatened not to sue. The state has demanded the formation of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe political violence, targeted killings and rapes. The petition further said that the central government should protect the state from internal unrest by discharging its responsibilities under Article 355 of the Constitution.

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In addition, the petition said that an urgent hearing is needed in this case. People are being forced to leave their homes and live in shelter houses and other camps. The petition filed in the case has requested the central and state governments to issue directions to stop immigration.


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