The United States provides more than মিল 500 million in CUVID-19 assistance to India: the White House

The United States provides more than 500 500 million in CUVID-19 assistance to India: the White House

White House (Photo credit: Twitter)

Washington, May 20: The United States has so far provided more than $ 500 million in Covid-19 assistance to India. The White House said Wednesday it would soon decide whether to distribute 80 million vaccines to other countries. White House Press Secretary Jane Saki told members of the White House Foreign Press Group at a digital press conference that “so far the United States has provided more than V 200 million in assistance to India, including the federal and state governments of the United States.

He said the Biden administration was now working to provide assistance to other South Asian countries affected by the Quaid-19 epidemic. Saki said in response to a question, “We have sent seven shipments by air, including health-related items, oxygen and N95 masks, quick test kits and medicines.” Speaking of the 80 million doses of Kovid-19, there are 60 million AstraZeneca and three more recognized vaccines. The inter-agency process is now underway.

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“We certainly remember the plight of the people of India, but there are many more countries and regions in the world that have been badly affected by the epidemic and need help,” he said. Hopefully in the coming days we will be able to work on it more. ”

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