The WHO did not mention the B.1.617 virus as the ‘Indian form’ of the corona

The WHO did not release the B.1.617 virus as an 'Indian version' of the corona

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New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that the World Health Organization (WHO) did not mention “Indian form” in its report with the variant “B.1.1717”. All such media reports, where it has been termed as Indian, are baseless and baseless. The ministry said the WHO in its 32-page document did not add the word ‘Indian form’ to the ‘B.1.617’ form of corona virus. Nowhere in the report related to this whole case is the word “Indian” used. Corona vaccine: 1 in 7.7 million people in India have received the corona vaccine so far

In fact, WHO chief Maria van Kerkhov recently reported the form in Corona. He explained that a study on small sample sizes showed that the effect of antibodies in the ‘B.1.617’ variant was declining, but that did not mean that this form of vaccine was more resistant.

The WHO in India identified Corona’s new ‘B.1.1171’ strain as a form of concern, i.e., this form appears to be more contagious and easily spread. Some media outlets later started calling it ‘Indian Strain’, but now the Ministry of Health has clarified that the WHO has not used the word ‘Indian’ anywhere in the ‘B1.1171’ Strain report.

Do not identify viruses or variants with country names

The World Health Organization tweeted, “The WHO does not identify viruses or variants with the names of these countries. We refer to them by their scientific names and urge everyone to do so.”

According to the WHO, corona ‘B1.617’ has been identified in 44 countries around the world. All these countries are located in 6 regions of the World Health Organization. Let me tell you, this ‘B.1.617’ version was found in India in October and it can spread easily. It is thought to be more contagious than its predecessors.


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