The WHO has ranked the Indian variants of Kovid as a ‘worrying variant’

The WHO has ranked the Indian variants of Kovid as a 'worrying variant'

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United Nations: The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the Indian form of covid (B-1 16117) as a “worrying form” worldwide. Dr Maria Van Kerkhov, of the WHO’s Covid-19 technology team, said on Monday that the first type of virus discovered in India had been classified as a “surveillance pattern” by the WHO for the first time. Covid-19: Relief news for corona in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, not a single death due to Covid-19

He said discussions were ongoing between various parties to the WHO about the virus and that they were “closely monitoring” what information we have about the infection and what research is being done in India and other countries to spread the virus. “

“After discussing the available information about the Indian version of the Covid-19 and its proliferation capabilities, we have placed it in the category of global concern format,” Kerkhov said.

Dr Michael Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Department of Emergency Services, recently said the virus was spreading rapidly from one country to another and that leaders who thought the vaccine would end the epidemic were making a mistake. “It depends on human behavior, the emergence of new forms of the virus and many other aspects,” Ryan said. He called on some leaders to accept the “terrible reality” of the situation. The number of infections and deaths has also increased in India. “Some countries are not doing well,” Ryan said. Your health infrastructure should be protected. Your oxygen supply should be restored. “


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