UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has married fiance Kerry Symonds

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has married fiance Kerry Symonds

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds (Photo credit: Instagram)

British newspapers gave this information in their news. The prime minister’s office declined to comment on reports from The Mail and The Sun that the prime minister and his fiance were married at Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral in the presence of family and friends. The Sun reported that senior staff at Johnson’s 10 Downing Street office had no knowledge of the wedding plans.

In England, only 30 people can attend a wedding due to restrictions imposed due to coronavirus infection. Johnson, 5, and Symonds, 33, announced their engagement in February 2020 and have a one-year-old son. The boy’s name is Wilfred.

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This is Symonds’ first marriage and Johnson’s third. Following the news of the marriage, the leaders sent a congratulatory message to the Prime Minister.

Northern Ireland leader Arlene Foster tweeted, “Congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds for a very happy wedding today.”

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