Uttar Pradesh: Boyfriend wearing sari arrives at boyfriend’s wedding, see how the video opens in front of guests in a viral video

Uttar Pradesh: Boyfriend wearing sari arrives at boyfriend's wedding, see how the video opens in front of guests in a viral video

Girlfriend arrives at girlfriend’s wedding wearing sari (Photo credit: Twitter)

Some people go so crazy in love that they are ready to go to any lengths for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Especially if a boyfriend or girlfriend marries someone else against his or her will, what do I say? Boyfriend or girlfriend is ready to do anything in marriage. Meanwhile, a shocking incident has come to light from Vodohi in Uttar Pradesh, where her boyfriend dressed like a woman wearing a sari at her boyfriend’s wedding. After the sari the lover arrived at his girlfriend’s wedding, but could not escape the gaze of the guest and appeared in the crowd gathering. The video of the incident is gradually going viral on social media.

Arriving at the girlfriend’s house, the lover presses her head like a woman’s fake hair, wears a sari and gets ready by putting on makeup like a woman. He even had a gallows bag slung over his shoulder. After dressing like a woman, the lover arrives at his girlfriend’s house, where he is getting married. There he asked the man to meet the bride, but the guests became suspicious of his gesture, after which he was revealed.

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The guests soon found out that there was no other woman in the sari except a woman. The video shows how a man in a sari is surrounded by guests. After being caught, the lover was seen hiding his face. According to the DNA report, the man fled the scene along with his two friends who were waiting outside the bride’s house. Read more: Drunk and drunk, the groom arrived wearing a garland around his mother-in-law’s neck instead of the bride!

It is unknown at this time what he meant by that. The DNA report said no formal charges had been filed against the man. However, this is not the first such incident. Earlier, a man pretended to be a district magistrate for a trip during a lockdown to meet his girlfriend.


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