Uttar Pradesh: Coronary infections were monitored in the Yogi government’s tests, tracks and treat formulas

Uttar Pradesh: Coronary infections were monitored in the Yogi government's tests, tracks and treat formulas

CM Yogi Adityanath (Photo Credit – ANI Twitter)

Lucknow: The Yogi government’s test, track and treatment formula is proving to be effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus in the state. The incidence of corona infection in UP is becoming less frequent. In the last 24 hours, only 67,725 cases of corona have been found in the state, with 13,599 people returning home from hospitals after winning the Corona battle. Due to the health policies of the Yogi government, there has been a 62.5 per cent reduction in the number of coronary infections, which is a relief news. Survey on Yogi Government: The officials of the Yogi Government performed their duties well

The WHO is not just praising the Yogi government for preventing coronary heart disease. The state government has set a precedent in other states in the last twenty days due to its unique covid management. Initially, during the second wave of Corona, there were more than 31,000 cases in UP. Seeing the matter seriously, the Chief Minister himself took the reins. Since then, the incidence of corona in Europe has been declining.

Due to government strategies, a record decline in coronary heart disease infections has been recorded within 24 hours. There have been 676 incidents of corona in UP. There has been a rapid decline in coronary infections in cities as well as in cities. UP now has 116434 corona active cases. At the same time, 24 hours 291156 corona was tested in UP.

Everyday fall in the case of Corona

The state government is running the biggest campaign against corona in rural areas. More than 4 lakh members of the Ona0 thousand monitoring committee are working from house to house in the villages to prevent corona and to provide isolation, examination and treatment to the villagers. That’s why the corona recorded a 0 percent decline two days ago, which has now risen to 622.5 percent. The recovery rate of Kovid patients has exceeded 90 percent. This is much more than any other state in the country.


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