Uttar Pradesh: In UP, people died in 24 hours due to black fungus

Uttar Pradesh: In UP, people died in 24 hours due to black fungus

Covid-19 (Photo credit: ANI)

Lucknow: In the last 24 hours, six more people have died in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, due to mucus (black fungus) and another 34 patients have been admitted to hospitals. With this, the number of deaths due to black fungus has reached 13 so far, while the number of deaths due to black fungus has reached 127. All patients had Covid-19 infection. White fungus: After black fungus, the risk of white fungus is increasing in the country – why it is more dangerous

Four of the six killed are being treated at King George’s Medical University (KJMU) and Sanjay Gandhi at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS). Kovid was healed by those who died at KGMU. The three women, a 622-year-old resident of Gerakhpur and a 655-year-old resident of Faizabad, were 38-year-old from Merut. The fourth victim was a 733-year-old man from Kanpur.

Apart from the woman from Meerut who had cancer, there were three other diabetics. All of them had severe lung infections during covid and were given steroids. KGMU spokesperson Sudhir Singh said, “All four patients were referred to advanced hospitals from other district hospitals.”

The two patients who died at SGPG IMS Hospital were residents of Gorakhpur and Prayagraj. Meanwhile, out of 34 new cases, 23 have been admitted to KGMU, nine to a private hospital on Faizabad Road and two to a private hospital in Chowk. Currently, there are 114 black fungus patients in the city. Of these, 655 are in KGMU, 14 in SGPG IMS, eight in RML IMS and the other two are in private hospitals.

In response to the growing number of black fungus patients, KGMU has started a separate 30-bed ward in the medical department for black fungus patients. Birendra Atam, head professor of the medical department, said that all the black fungus patients were being treated in the medical department and more beds would be added if the increase continued.


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