Uttar Pradesh: UP village women worship ‘Coroner Mai’ to remove CVD-19

Uttar Pradesh: Women in UP village worship 'Coroner Mai' to remove COPID-19

Worshiping ‘Corona Mai’ (Photo: IANS)

Lucknow: Women in Varanasi and Kushinagar villages have now started worshiping ‘Corona Mai’ to reduce anger against the corona virus and save people from dying. In Kushinagar district on Sunday, women were seen lined up to worship ‘Corona Mai’. In Varanasi, women are gathering at the ghat to worship and please Corona Mike. Due to the efforts of CM Yogi, the corona infection rate in UP has come down from 22 to 5 per cent, vaccination will be given on a war footing.

Surili Devi of Kushinagar said she would pray for 21 days to make Corona Mike happy and she believed it would reduce the epidemic. Asked who advised him in this spiritual way to investigate the deadly virus, he said, “Many scholars have said that we should pray to stop the coronavirus.”

He said everyone was confident that the prayer would work and that Corona would be removed from their village. Women are not following social distances to worship for hours on end. Another devotee Ish Swari said, “There is nothing more to do when we are praying to Corona Mai. ‘Corona Mai’ will bless us and heal people.”


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