Washington: Biden administration releases 30 million astragenera vaccines for India, urging Indian-American doctors

Washington: Biden administration calls on Indo-US doctors to provide 30 million vaccines to India

Coronary Vaccine (Photo Credit: PTI)

Washington: A group of Indian-American doctors on Friday called on the Biden administration to release at least 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine in India in the face of a second wave of COD-19. The American Association of Indian Origin (API), the largest organization representing American Indian-American doctors, also wrote a letter to all 100 senators, asking for their help in increasing support for India.

The AAPI said it was working with White House officials and called for emergency vaccines to be sent to India to help prevent the spread of the virus there. Dr Sampath Shibangi, president of the agency’s legal unit, said: “India is currently facing a severe shortage of Covid-19 vaccine. AstraZeneca is set to deliver 100 million vaccines this month after FDA approval. Read more: India backs US in coroner crisis, to send raw materials for covishield vaccine production

Dr. Sudhakar Jonalagadda, President, AAPI, said in a statement, “India needs India for the time being and we are committed to providing comprehensive treatment and assistance.

The doctors’ association has so far raised .6 2.6 million to help India cope with the epidemic and has sent 1,000 oxygen concentrators to the country, and more are in the process of being sent. The agency has sent masks and other aid to India.

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