In a surprising turn of events, UConn's men's basketball team faced a formidable challenge against Creighton.

UConn started strong, scoring the game's first seven points, but Creighton quickly turned the tide with impressive shooting

Creighton's sharpshooting and offensive prowess proved too much for UConn to handle, as they surged ahead with a barrage of three-pointers.

Despite UConn's efforts, standout performances from Creighton's Steven Ashworth and others propelled them to victory.

UConn faced difficulties containing Creighton's offense and encountered foul trouble early in the game, hindering their momentum

Coach Dan Hurley expressed disappointment at the outcome, acknowledging Creighton's strong performance while vowing to learn from the defeat

The loss snapped UConn's 14-game winning streak and served as a reality check for the team, reminding them of their vulnerability

The defeat raises questions about UConn's ability to perform under pressure and their prospects for the rest of the season

Despite the setback, UConn remains determined to bounce back stronger and use this defeat as motivation for future games