Rachel Almost Had a Different Name: The character was initially supposed to be named Rachel Robbins, but it was changed to Rachel Green before the show aired.

Her Last Name Inspired by a Friend of the Creators: Rachel's last name, "Green," was inspired by the last name of one of the creators of the show, Marta Kauffman's college roommate, who was also named Rachel Green.

She Wasn't Originally Supposed to Be a Waitress: In the early concept of the show, Rachel was not written as a waitress. Instead, she was supposed to be a financial advisor. However, the creators changed her occupation to a waitress to create more comedic situations and conflicts within the group

Rachel Was the Last Friend to Be Cast: While Jennifer Aniston was ultimately perfect for the role of Rachel, she was the last of the six main cast members to be cast. The creators auditioned many actresses before choosing her.

Her Famous Haircut Was Inspired by Another Actress: The iconic "Rachel" haircut became a trend-setting style in the 1990s. It was inspired by Jennifer Aniston's own hair and also by the haircut of another actress, Jennifer Grey, from the movie "Dirty Dancing."

Rachel's Surname Changed During the Show: In the pilot episode, Rachel's last name is spelled "Green" on her wedding invitation. However, in later episodes, it is spelled "Greene." This was an inconsistency in the show's continuity

Jennifer Aniston Was Close to Being Written Out of the Show: During the first season of "Friends," Jennifer Aniston had commitments to another television series called "Muddling Through." If "Muddling Through" had been successful, Aniston might have been written out of "Friends." Fortunately, "Muddling Through" was canceled, and Aniston remained with "Friends."

She Was the Only Friend to Never Have a Thanksgiving Episode Named After Her: Each main character except Rachel had at least one Thanksgiving episode named after them. However, Rachel was involved in every Thanksgiving episode, despite not having one named after her.

Rachel's Birthday Changes: In Season 1, Episode 4, Rachel mentions her birthday is in May. However, in later seasons, her birthday is celebrated in February.

Rachel Was Supposed to End Up with Joey: In the initial plans for the series, the creators intended for Rachel to end up with Joey instead of Ross. However, they changed this storyline due to the strong fan support for Ross and Rachel's relationship