Background in Hospitality: Namita Thapar comes from a family with a strong history in hospitality. Her family runs the Thapar Group, a multibillion-dollar business with interests in various sectors like as hospitality, paper, chemicals, and real estate.

Education: She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Brown University, a top private college in the United States.

 Namita Thapar previously worked for McKinsey & Company, a well-known around the world management consulting firm, before starting her own business. This experience most likely provided her with helpful ideas on company planning and management..

Thapar co-founded Emcure Pharmaceuticals with her husband Satish Mehta and his brother Rakesh Mehta. Emcure Pharmaceuticals is a famous Indian pharmaceutical company pointed out for its focus on research and development in oncology, nephrology, and anti-infectives.

 Namita Thapar is involved in helping others through the Mehta Family Foundation. The foundation focuses on a variety of social concerns, including education, healthcare, and rural development.

While Namita Thapar maintains a fairly low public profile as compared to other businessmen, her contributions to the pharmaceutical industry and her humanitarian endeavours have gained her praise in business circles

Thapar is known for her imagination style, which promotes innovation, sustainability, and social accountability at Emcure Pharmaceuticals.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, under the leadership of Namita Thapar, has extended its global reach to include operations in over 70 countries. This expansion has enabled the company to become an important player in the worldwide pharmaceutical sector