Eric Winter as Tim Bradford.He will play as a training officer.Strict, tough and demanding — that’s how we all got to know Tim Bradford as a training officer. But underneath his harsh demeanor, Bradford is supportive and dedicated.

Jenna Dewan will play the character named  Bailey Nune.A firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department, Bailey entered the picture in Season 3 and is now set to marry Nolan after proposing to him in Season 5.

Lisseth Chavez  will play the character  of Celina Juarez.A Los Angeles native who believes in intuition and superstition, Celina Juarez is a relatively new member of the team, assigned to Mid-Wilshire in Season 4 with John Nolan as her training officer.

Mekia Cox will play the character of  Nyla Harper.Nyla Harper is a former undercover detective who chose to return to patrol as a training officer despite a “golden ticket” that would allow her to go wherever she wanted in the force

Nathan Fillion will play the charcter  named John Nolan.John Nolan, who makes a life change and pursues his dreams to become a cop in his 40s.

Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey.Sergeant Wade Grey is a seasoned veteran of the force, who acts as a moral compass, a guiding light — and sometimes a tough, no-nonsense metaphorical smack across the head to his team.

Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers.Former defense attorney who leveled up to assistant district attorney in Season 5, Wesley Evers is married to Detective Lopez, with whom he has two children.

Tru Valentino as Aaron Thorsen. Officer Aaron Thorsen comes from a privileged background as the child of two famous rappers.

Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen.A fellow rookie in John’s class, Lucy Chen has proven to be a determined and committed cop with a passion for justice, initially under the guidance of her training officer, Tim Bradford

Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez.Training officer-turned-detective, Alyssa Diaz is an ambitious and iron-willed member of the LAPD team. Alyssa is married to Wesley and they have two children, the second of whom, a baby girl.