Early Career in Advertising: Before pursuing acting full-time, Rituraj Singh initially worked in the advertising industry. He gained valuable experience in the field, which likely contributed to his versatile skills as an actor.

Love for Literature: Rituraj Singh had a deep appreciation for literature and was well-read in various genres. He often incorporated his love for literature into his acting, bringing nuanced interpretations to his characters through his understanding of storytelling

Hidden Talent in Singing: Apart from acting, Rituraj Singh had a hidden talent for singing. While he didn't pursue a career as a professional singer, he enjoyed singing as a hobby and occasionally entertained friends and family with his melodious voice

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Supporter of Theatre: Throughout his career, Rituraj Singh remained a strong advocate for theatre and actively supported the growth of the theatrical arts. He believed in the transformative power of theatre and its ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

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Passion for Travel: Rituraj Singh was an avid traveler and loved exploring different cultures and places. His passion for travel often inspired him and enriched his performances by bringing a depth of understanding to various characters he portrayed.

Mentorship: Rituraj Singh was known for his generosity and willingness to mentor aspiring actors. 

. Environmental Activism: Rituraj Singh was passionate about environmental conservation and actively supported initiatives aimed at protecting the environment

He used his platform as a public figure to raise awareness about environmental issues and advocate for sustainable living practices.

He shared his knowledge and experience with younger talents, guiding them in their artistic journeys and nurturing the next generation of performers.