WHO commends us for removing patent protection from covid vaccines

WHO praises us for removing patent protection from covid vaccines

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Geneva, 6 May: The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised the US commitment to temporarily raise intellectual property rights for covid vaccines. This initiative could help produce more vaccines worldwide. Announcing the decision on Wednesday, US Trade Representative Catherine Taye said President Joe Biden’s “administration strongly believes in protecting intellectual property, but supports the waiver of protection for countries in an effort to stop the epidemic.”

On Wednesday, the Director General of the WHO. “This is a memorable moment in the fight against covid. US President Joe Biden and US Trade Representative Catherine So, the commitment to support the US is a strong example of the IP protection exemption for the vaccine,” Tredois said. We applaud the United States of America for its historic decision and for putting the well-being of all people at a critical juncture. Now let’s move forward on the basis of all the solidarity, commitment and commitment of life-saving scientists. ” Read more: Delhi: Kejriwal government’s new initiative for Kavid patients with home detachment, oxygen application at delhi.gov.in

Kai said the United States would take part in WTO talks to support a temporary protection waiver and work with the private sector and other partners to expand vaccine production and distribution. Earlier, Trades and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Coved sought a temporary pardon for intellectual property rights for 19 vaccines. Brown said the temporary suspension of IP rights to 19 Covid vaccines would play a key role in developing vaccines in Africa and other parts of the world where production is not in progress.

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