WHO still disagrees on Covid vaccine passport issue: Govt

WHO still disagrees on Covid vaccine passport issue: Govt

Coronary Vaccine (Photo Credit: PTI)

“We are still discussing whether people who have been vaccinated should be allowed,” he said. People are currently being allowed to report negative COIDs in accordance with WHO guidelines and guidelines from other countries. “” Once we reach a global and WHO level (vaccine passport issue) sens reduction, we will take the necessary steps. Asked if people receiving the cocaine vaccine would be allowed to travel internationally, he said the WHO had not included it in its list of vaccines. Read more- Coronary Vaccination: This demand for 18 ++ vaccine has ended in Delhi, Chief Minister Md.

The health ministry also described the news as “misleading and imaginary” on its Twitter handle. Regarding the wastage of vaccines, Agarwal said that the waste rate of covicheld has come down from eight per cent to one per cent in March last year, while the waste rate of covacin has come down from 17 per cent to four per cent. Member of Policy Commission (Health) V.K. Paul made it clear that women who breastfed babies could also be vaccinated. “There have been reports that vaccinated mothers should not breastfeed their babies for some time, but I want to make it clear that breastfeeding should not be stopped and should continue,” she said.

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“Under no circumstances should breastfeeding be stopped for even an hour,” Paul said. Regarding Covid-19 in children, Paul said that the rate of seropositivity between the ages of 10 and 17 is usually equal to 30 to 40 years later, and that children can also become infected. “When there is an infection in children, the symptoms are very low, there is a very mild level of infection or the symptoms are not very low and there are very few deaths due to very few infections,” he said. It is also important to protect children from infection so that they do not become part of the transmission chain. “Paul said that the availability of drugs is increasing due to mucoramicosis or black fungus.”

Diabetes, weakened immunity due to steroids, prolonged hospitalization, and other serious illnesses in Covid-19 patients can increase the risk of mucomycosis infection. “Steroids are life-saving,” he said. It is a great medicine, but its random use can cause mucus disease. So, this epidemic doesn’t spread anymore and it doesn’t cause much damage, it’s our responsibility. ‘


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