Donald Trump made 21 list of illegal drugs producers, India included in the list

Washington US President Donald Trump has identified India and 20 other countries as large drug producing countries or countries that transmit drugs. Trump also emphasized that his administration is fighting an unprecedented scale against drug-related criminal organizations and their supporters.

Trump also noted a clear failure to comply with his obligations under the International Drug Abuse Agreements during the last 12 months of the Nicolas Maduro regime in Bolivia and Venezuela.

Trump said that the inclusion of a country in the mentioned list does not necessarily reflect the level of action taken by his government against drug or cooperation with the US.

He said that Afghanistan, India, Bahamas, Bayliss, Burma, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, etc. are the major drug transit or illegal drug producing countries. Trump alleged that Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro is the largest leader of this hemisphere.

Donald Trump made 21 list of illegal drugs producers, India included in the list

He said that President Ivan Duke and his government in Colombia are strong US partners. The Colombian police and military forces have shown great bravery and commitment by targeting high level drug traffickers and eradicating cocoa.

Nevertheless, cocoa cultivation and cocaine production remain at unacceptably high levels, Trump said. Trump has expressed concern that cocoa cultivation and cocaine production are at historic heights in Peru, another American ally.

He stated that Peru is a valuable law enforcement partner of the US and has shown a continued commitment to fight against all aspects of the drug trade.

He said that Mexico should clearly demonstrate its commitment to end the ‘cartel’ and their criminal enterprises and protect the lives of the citizens of Mexico and America who have been endangered by these groups. He said that the government of Mexico should accept the dangerous trend of fentanyl production in its region.

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