If Kargil war had happened without my knowledge, I would have sacked the Army Chief: Imran Khan

Islamabad Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if there was a Kargil War with India without his knowledge, he would have sacked the army chief.

Nawaz Sharif, who was Prime Minister during the Kargil War, has been saying for a long time that he was not aware of the events of the 1999 conflict. Sharif says that then army chief General Pervez Musharraf attacked Kargil without informing him.

Imran Khan said in an interview to private TV channel ‘Sama TV’ on Thursday, “If the Kargil campaign had been started without informing me, I would have sacked the army chief.” Khan also said that if the ISI chief resigned him If he had called, he would have removed them also.

Khan’s statement came in the context of the claim of Sharif, who has been Prime Minister 3 times, that in 2014, when Khan staged a massive sit-in in the capital, the ISI chief asked Sharif to resign. Prime Minister Khan slammed Sharif for targeting the military establishment and said that the army is keeping the country united.

He said, “Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen.” The entire Muslim world is burning. How are we safe? If there was no army, our country would have been divided into 3 parts. ‘

Sharif recently gave two speeches from London, where he has been staying for treatment since November 2019. In this, he directly targeted the army for interfering in politics and claimed that Khan came to power only with the help of the army.

Khan said that it is not the army to run the government and the failure of a democratically elected government should not be used to implement martial law.

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