Is Azerbaijan-Armenia hidden in ‘Jung’, Turkey’s dream of becoming ‘Khalifa’ of Muslim countries?

Turkey openly stands with Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Qarabakh dispute between Azerbaijan-Armenia
Turkey’s interest in the battle of Azerbaijan-Armenia will clear its way to become the Khalifa of Islamic countries
If China, Pakistan and Iran come with Turkey, then the third pole of war will be made in the world

With Azerbaijan and Armenia coming face to face over an area, the world has come to the forefront of world war. The US and Russia are mediating to reduce the heat of the blaze between these two Asian countries, which broke away from the Soviet Union, but Turkey is adding fuel to this fire.
In fact, Turkey, which at one time identified as a secular nation, has recently turned to Islamism under the leadership of President Ardoोan. Ardoan’s intention has been cleared by the decision to convert the architectural building like the popular Hagia Sophia as well as other symbols and buildings into the Moslems and symbols of the Muslim religion.

Indeed, Ardoआनan wants to be the Khalifa of Muslim countries by leading religious fundamentalism. In such a situation, he is very interested in the fire between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

What is the Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute?
Indeed, Armenia and Azerbaijan were once part of the former Soviet Union, both countries became independent after the Soviet Union broke up. After separation, there was a dispute between the two countries over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Both countries assert their authority over it. Although according to international laws, this area of ​​4,400 square kilometers has been declared as Azerbaijan, but the population of people of Armenian descent is large here. Because of this, dispute and conflict have been going on between the two countries since 1991.

There was a cease-fire between the two countries in 1994 by Russia’s mediation, but sporadic fighting between the two countries continues. Since then there is a line of contact between the two. This disputed area is also called Artasakh.

Muslim vs Christian conflict
This struggle is also seen as Muslim Christianity. Because Armenia is a Christian majority country, while Azerbaijan is a country with Muslim population. Along with this, many Muslims of Turkish origin live in Azerbaijan. In such a situation, Turkish President Ardoोan sees it as an opportunity to help the Muslim population to serve his interests.

Turkey has come to the fore on Sunday in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the war, tanks, helicopters, missiles and other dangerous weapons are being used, it is said that these weapons are from Turkey. More than 2 dozen people have been killed and around 100 injured in this conflict so far.

What is the benefit for Turkey?
As it has become clear that after adopting the path of fundamentalism of Turkey, it wants to become the Khalifa of Muslim countries. In such a situation, by landing between Armenia and Azerbaijan, he will be able to raise his voice even more. With this, there is also the possibility of the emergence of the third pole in the world. This third pole will support Pakistan, China and Iran along with Turkey, as Turkey, Pakistan and China are already against India.

In such a situation, the interest of the Islamic radicals of Turkey will be satisfied, while Pakistan and China will try to weaken India by supporting Turkey. However, along with America, Russia and other countries have tried to avoid this war between the two countries.

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